About BIBA

About BIBA

Beijing International Bilingual Academy (BIBA) was founded in 2006 by a group of passionate educators with a mission to develop students with bilingual capability and are well versed in both Eastern and Western culture.? As such, our goal is to offer high quality bilingual education that finds its root in Chinese culture and heritage.? Our ...


Dear Parents and Friends, Welcome to BIBA! ? ? ? ? ? We are a vibrant and joyful international school located in the beautiful Shunyi, suburb of Beijing. We have been growing steadily since our inception in 2006, as increasing ?numbers of both Chinese and foreign families ?are ?seeing the importance of being?bilingual in ?two ...


Through blending the best of East and West, taught by dedicated and passionate teachers from over 26 countries using inquiry-based, interactive approaches in small classes involving both formative and summative assessments, and placing a strong emphasis on developing both English and Chinese capabilities (Bilingual approach), the BIBA curriculum provides exciting and challenging learning experiences for children, developing them into internationally-minded, intelligent, caring, balanced ambassadors promoting inter-cultural understanding, respect and integration. The bilingual approach emphasizing on developing strength in both languages will make BIBA graduates unique future leaders. They will be proficient in both languages possessing inter-cultural understanding for top level work in an international context in China on their return from overseas studies, which other international school graduates mainly with strengths in a foreign language may not equally well take up.


BIBA offers placements to Chinese and foreign students whose educational objectives are in line with our mission and culture. We seek to have a diverse student body from a range of nationality, age, cultural and language backgrounds. BIBA accepts new students twice a year. School placements are linked to age at 12th October each year. However, final placement decisions will be the result of consultation with parents/guardians and analysis of the student’s language skills, previous education etc.

Student Services

School Bus BIBA has set up over 60 different stops between Wanjing and Shunyi. This offers our families who live in the city a safe and convenient way coming to school.

House Program

House Systems are widely used in international schools in several countries and help facilitate strong relationships and inter-connectedness of older and younger students.


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